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Now that that's out of the way... i'm a little and have the best Daddy ever!

So yeah, send me questions or messages just to chat. BUT, BE RESPECTFUL!! i answer to only one person. my Daddy is the love of my life, i don't want you to be my Daddy or Dom and i will not send you pix of me. Plain and simple. So, use my ask, submit, fanmail or email me at lifesajourneymakeitcount (at) gmail (dot) com

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Warming up for Friday Dance Party


Warming up for Friday Dance Party




So incredibly True!


Even when they’re accidental. THAT was awesome. Thank you!

This is my “we just had a the day faire weekend and I’m freakin beat” look. Am thinking it’s time for sleep.

Got two roses at faire today. The red, white and black one is leather and from Daddy. The black and yellow one is handcrafted from white and a plastic type material and from my faire hubby. It’s was a good day. Thank you Daddy, I love my rose. And it smells so good, better than any rose you find growing or in an arrangement. Love you Daddy!



So many feels. My Nana had dementia, my last memory of her was when my mom and I took the Minions to visit. We knew she didn’t have long. We sat and visited for a while and as we sat there, her face lit up, she took a deep breath and in the happiest of voices said, “My family!” At which point we all burst into tears. It was the first time in months she’d recognized anyone. Then, she topped it by calling my mom by her name. It was a memory I wouldn’t trade for the world, except to have her with us again. I’d trade anything for that…

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… and a Minion adds to it. I may elaborate more in the next day or two, not really sure. **sigh** life…